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Renewable Solutions

Alliant Energy® Community Solar

Now you can power your home using solar energy without installing or owning your own solar generating system. This is a great option if you rent your home or apartment. With Alliant Energy® Community Solar, you can buy blocks of renewable energy for your home or business, generated from solar panels in a nearby community. Residential and business customers can buy blocks up to 100% of energy use. Customers will receive a monthly bill credit for 20 years based on solar production.

What’s a block? To understand what a block is, think about how community supported agriculture (CSA) works. When you buy into a CSA, you pay the farmer in advance, and then you get a portion of the fruits and veggies grown during the season. Community solar is similar.

When you buy a block of Alliant Energy® Community Solar, you purchase a portion of the energy that is generated by the solar array. Each block offsets about 5% of average residential monthly usage. You can buy more than one block, up to 100% of your energy use.

Can I lower my bill on Alliant Energy® Community Solar? You will receive a bill credit for a percentage of the energy output for the solar array. The bill credit for one block will average $24 to $36 annually and will vary depending on solar energy production.

  • Iowa customers’ monthly credit = $0.059 per kWh (residential and commercial)
  • Wisconsin residential customers’ monthly credit = $0.063 per kWh

New Renewable Options

We are expanding our renewable power solutions to include three new voluntary programs. These programs are currently available to our Wisconsin customers and will be available to our Iowa customers by early 2020.

These offerings include:

  • Now you can help power your home using solar energy without installing or owning your own solar panels. With Alliant Energy Community Solar you can buy blocks of renewable energy from a nearby solar array. You’ll receive bill credit for a portion of your monthly bill for 20 years based on the power produced by the solar block.
  • A customer-hosted renewables program. Host renewable energy on-site and turn your roof or extra land into a source of income. We are partnering with commercial and industrial customers to find new locations for rooftop solar and/or battery storage systems.
  • Renewable Energy Partners provides a way for you to offset your energy use with renewable energy for one or multiple sites. We build, own and maintain a dedicated renewable energy facility. You buy the energy generated at a contracted rate. We manage the sale of that energy and provide you with a monthly statement of the generation. Depending on the market price of energy, you could receive a monthly credit or charge.

Second Nature

Through Second Nature, we’re able to buy more earth-friendly renewable energy produced from wind and solar power. We combine our Second Nature customers’ green requirement and make sure we’re bringing enough new green energy into our energy pool. This additional green energy displaces electricity that would otherwise come from sources like coal, gas and nuclear. For additional information and to learn more click here.

Enabling Clean Energy

Customers can connect their own renewable generation to our electric system. They use our electric system to sell power to us when their systems produce excess energy and buy power from us when their systems don’t produce enough. For years, we’ve purchased the surplus power from customers who have installed solar panels, small wind turbines and other generation sources.

Renewable Generation From Independent Power Producers

Alliant Energy also buys power from Independent Power Producers who have connected 137 megawatts of renewables directly to our distribution grid. Our company’s support for these non-residential renewable projects makes even more clean energy available for all our customers. These renewables come primarily from wind and other renewable generation sources.

Next Up: Smarter, Affordable Energy Use

Combining technologies, rebates and rate plans so you can monitor, cut and control your energy costs. Learn about your options.