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A message from John Larsen

Advancing our clean energy future

At Alliant Energy, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. And building stronger communities is what drives and inspires our optimism for the future.

We’re putting renewable energy to work for our customers. This isn’t new for us. We’ve been advancing renewable energy for more than a decade. But we want to do more.

That’s why we created our Clean Energy Blueprint.  It’s a roadmap that guides us as we accelerate our transition to renewable energy.  Not only is renewable energy cheaper to produce, it’s better for our environment. Our customers have asked us to keep renewable energy top of mind, while balancing the need for affordability – and our Clean Energy Blueprint does just that.

We also are embracing new technologies. For example, we’re using battery storage to capture wind and solar energy and release it back onto the energy grid when it’s needed. We are moving powerlines from overhead to underground, and preparing for more distributed energy resources generated from our customers’ homes and businesses. And we’re adding smart devices on our powerlines that automatically detect problems and redirect the energy to where it is needed; keeping the lights on and power flowing.

These are just some of the examples of how we are powering what’s next in energy for our customers and communities.  I invite you to explore our website and to share our story.

John Larsen
Chairman, President and CEO

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Accelerating our transition to renewable energy and preparing the power grid for the future.