Our programs

We’ve got a lot of great programs to help you Power What’s Next in your home and community.

Ways to save


Rebates are available for a variety of energy-efficient products and services. Use our Rebate Locator Tool to see all the options.


Home Energy Assessment

Get feedback on how you can save energy and money. Start today in Iowa or Wisconsin.


Nights and Weekends

Earn a credit on your bill when you use electricity during off-peak times, like at night or on the weekends. Wisconsin customers can sign up for Nights and Weekends. Iowa customers can sign up for a similar program, called Time of Day.



Alliant Energy’s award-winning educational program, PowerHouse, helps customers improve the energy efficiency, safety and comfort of their home.


Appliance Recycling

Recycle your old, working refrigerator or freezer and save. Learn more.

Payment and self-service options

My Account

My Account is everything you need from Alliant Energy, in one place. Pay your bill and move on. Or, dig deeper and find ways to save and improve.


Text to Pay

Easily pay your bill, right from your mobile phone.


Payment Arrangement or Extension

If you’re having trouble paying your bill in full, these flexible payment options can help.


Paperless Billing

Reduce paper clutter and help the environment by switching to a paperless bill.


Automatic Payment

Simplify your life with Automatic Payment. No more checks to write or due dates to remember!

Renewable energy

Alliant Energy® Community Solar

With community solar, you can buy blocks in a local solar project up to 100% of your energy use. Enrollment will be available later in 2020. Learn more about community solar for your home or business.


Second Nature

With your enrollment in Second Nature, we’re able to buy more earth-friendly renewable energy produced from wind and solar power.


Alliant Energy ® Customer-Hosted Renewables (for business customers)

We will partner with your business or community to host an Alliant Energy solar farm or battery storage system on-site in exchange for a monthly lease payment. Learn more.


Generate your own solar

Let us help you decide if a rooftop solar installation is right for you using our helpful guides.


Customer interconnection

Own a generation source and want to interconnect with our system? We can help you through the process.


Geothermal energy

Use the constant temperature of the earth for heating and cooling with money-saving geothermal technology. Start here.


Alliant Energy® Renewable Energy Partner (for business customers)

We will build, own and maintain a dedicated solar site on your behalf. You buy the energy generated at a contracted rate. Learn more.

Community Support


This energy education website offers awesome resources for teachers and middle school students – including lesson plans, videos and an energy glossary.


Grants and community programs

We support local organizations that make life better in our communities.


Speakers Bureau

We’re passionate about renewable energy, safety, and energy conservation. Speaking to community groups lets us share the love! Request a speaker for your classroom, group or event by emailing SpeakersBureau@alliantenergy.com.


Energy assistance options

We offer payment arrangements and extensions, as well as information on financial assistance programs. Learn about your options.