Operations and environment

Partnership tests emergency response capabilities

We routinely conduct preparation drills and business continuity planning to ensure security, reliability and resiliency of the energy grid and our data systems. For example, several employees participated in GridEx V. The exercise simulated physical and cyberattacks on critical infrastructure across North America. GridEx V brought together energy companies, businesses, law enforcement and government agencies for two days in November 2019.

Power grid improvements benefit customers

We continue to transform our power grid into a digital system. This helps us deliver an ongoing two-way flow of electricity and information. We’ve initiated several pilot projects to test new technologies. These allow us to learn what works and what does not, in a cost-effective way.

These initiatives include putting power lines underground, installing smart devices and constructing a digital platform for electricity distribution.

Benefits include:

  • Greater power reliability
  • Quicker system performance
  • Cost-saving efficiencies
  • Improved public safety
  • More renewable connections
  • Preserves natural resources

Smart meter leads to family rescue

Envision's sustainability goals: quality of life, leadership, resource allocation, natural world and climate and risk.
Envision's logo

Envision is a rating system that provides guidance on planning, designing and delivery of sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

The Envision framework measures sustainable efforts using a scorecard and verification process, which then applies credits/points using five key categories.

Sustainability recognition

Our new natural gas-fueled West Riverside Energy Center (WREC) near Beloit, Wisconsin, received Envision Platinum recognition in April 2020. The Envision system rates the sustainability of infrastructure projects. It looks at a full range of environmental, social and economic impacts. The Platinum award is the highest Envision recognition.

The WREC was also recognized with a Recycling Excellence Award by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. It was for development of a waste management and recycling program during construction. The program resulted in over 90% of the waste generated being been diverted from the landfill.

Electronic recycling and reuse

Alliant Energy works with Cascade Asset Management to reuse and recycle our electronics. We want to make sure electronic items are handled in a safe, secure and environmentally friendly way. In 2019, over 2,200 items, or 55% of the total, were reusable. For our vendor, their typical customer reuses about 38%.

Last year, we also donated a variety of electronic equipment to 12 nonprofit groups. This included computers, monitors and software. The Sheboygan County Family Resource Center (FRC) received four of our refurbished laptops. “Every morning when I start my new computer, I renew my appreciation for Alliant Energy’s generosity,” said FRC Executive Director George Palmer. “The laptops are a significant improvement over our older equipment.”

a description of the environmental benefits of our electronics recycling

Cleaning up: We held Wisconsin e-waste collection events at several office locations in fall 2019. About a ton of employee personal electronics were collected and recycled with proceeds from the event donated to the United Way!

Digital fleet forms help support energy affordability

Our fleet forms have gone digital. We estimate this will reduce manual work and free up 325 labor hours annually. This time can be spent on other projects to serve our customers. We will also save dollars on postage and reduce paper use. Our team in Fleet Central has said goodbye to printed checklists and work orders. Now, they use the digital version on their tablet computers.

Implementing digital work packets

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